June 12, 2019

Guru Nanak

Early in his life, Nanak showed signs of knowledge and intelligence beyond his years. At the age of six he was placed with PanditBrijlal to learn Hindi and Sanskrit; later at the age of thirteen, to learn Persian and Arabic from Maulvi Qutub-ud-Din. To each of his preceptors, he displayed extraordinary sagacity, not only in mastering his instruction but in the questions which he asked. He asserted that without comprehending the essence of knowledge, even a literate person would remain ignorant. His questions confounded his teachers. His homilies impressed others.

From an early age Nanak thought only of the Creator and expressed remarkable insight into the role of the divine power on this earth. Incidents recorded about his childhood reveal unusual characteristics which the boy possessed. Among the first to recognize his extraordinary qualities were his sister and Rai Bular.

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