June 12, 2019

Guru Angad

Guru Angad moved to Khadur to continue the mission. Emulating his mentor, he preached the virtues of selfless service, piety and brotherhood. Personally, he led an austere life and a busy one. The routine he followed rising well before dawn and after a cold bath, meditating until daybreak. Thereafter, kirtan was recited in his presence. He then attended to the sick that had come to him for succor and assistance.

Later in the mornings, he held well-attended discourses where he preached and expounded on Guru Nanak’s shabads. The langar (free of cost food) functioned daily, offering food to whoever came without any distinction or barrier. Frequently, he served the food while his wife looked after the cooking. His personal meals were simple; earned by making munj (the skin of a reed twisted to make string, widely used in rural Panjab for weaving the base of cots and stools).

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