About Us

AL Buraq Services limited (ABS) established in 2018. Allow us to introduce to you our company, ABS limited company offering services TOURISM, CARGO, MONEY EXCHANGE, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & LETTINGS, AIR TICKETS and BUILDING WORKS.


ABS is a diversified destination management company providing services for the domestic and international tourists and travelers. The company is offering a variety of tour products to the world with cost- effective price quotes.ABS provides high quality of facilities like hotel, restaurants and transportation. The company has also a team of professional multi linguist tour guides who are available on demand and also fool proof security provided to the tourists.ABS company welcome every religious of man such as SIKH, HINDUS, MUSLIMS, JEWS and all walks of life relate to society.

  1. CARGO

ABS cargo is one of the leading international freight relocation and Logistics Management Company delivering around the world. Our well proven multilevel transportation system to the whole world ensures international reach whatever your cargo and time frame is. we deals client as our first priority.


We offer an extensive range of services helping you with everything .For instance. For instance, from the individual sale of a family home, rent reviews valuation, surveys or even opinion on a property dispute.


We offer services for buildings works such as kitchen fitting, Roof fitting, Home extension and many more as you want we team ABS limited providing everything on demand.


ABS limited leading exchange company   all over the world we special offer services for Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


We offer services for travelers our lowest deals on air tickets. Pay less and save more. Book cheap flight today! 24/7 customers care. We make it easy to travel. Award winning services, enjoy huge discounts. Book unlimited air lines. we deals international and domestic flights any time.

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